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Travel Heath Insurance

Travel Heath insurance is

•   A required insurance when applying for Schengen visa.

•   For Travelers who are only staying In Europe temporarily within the Schengen area.

•   Is intended only for unforeseen emergencies and is not a general health care.

What is covered?

  • The insurance cover up to maximum 30,000 EU (Thirty Thousand) Euro
  • Unpostponable treatment for unseen acute medical repatriation
  • Repatriation in case of death due to unforeseen acute illness and accident during the travel
  • Treatments and medication prescribed by a doctor following an accident or sudden, unforeseen acute illnesses
  • The cost of medical reasonable repatriation of the insured to his/her home country prescribed by a doctor or ordered by RSV AG
  • The direct costs of repatriation of the deceased insured for burial in the home country, including a simple transport coffin

what is not covered?

  • Illnesses, complaints and injuries which have existed before the travel
  • Losses which result from illegal or forbidden action
  • Immunization measure, allergy tests, alcohol- and other addictive illnesses and their consequences
  • Diseases and disorders of sexual organs, HIV-diseases and their consequences
  • Organ transplants, heart operations, cancer, cosmetics surgeries, diabetes, bone marrow treatment. Abscesses, dermatitis, gall and kidney stones and their consequences
  • Pregnancy interruptions and childbirths
  • Cost arising from suicide or attempt suicide